New Green Grove Church of Faith offers Sunday School classes every 1st – 4th Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. The purpose of these classes is to teach every student to live in a Christlike manner on a daily basis by applying the Sunday School lessons to their lives. The classes are arranged by age to ensure students are engaged in sessions on their level and taught in a manner that is applicable to their experiences. The classes are arranged in the following manner: Kindergarten/Primary, Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Young Adult, Adult Women and Adult Men.  Each class has qualified teachers that expound on the word in an in-depth, wholistic manner. The classes are opened discussion basis. They are not “sit-and-get sessions.” Each Sunday, one class provides an overall review of the lesson. We also conclude these classes by recognizing and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

To ensure the lessons are coherent and applicable to our members, we utilize materials provided by the Sunday School Publishing Board. Although the lessons are derived from the same scriptural reference, they are all written to target each age range. The lessons are life-changing in that they include current events and scriptures that align with each central message.

We are elated to provide these spiritual classes to the body of Christ and we always look forward to seeing each face as they eagerly arrive to learn more of God’s word.