Mothers of the church are so vitally important, not only to the younger women but to the entire church family.  Mothers should teach from their own experiences based on God’s design for the church and family.  Proverbs 31:30 says, “your speech and how you conduct yourself reveals who you are.”  We have often looked to the older women in the church as role models to the younger women.  In the Bible, Paul writes about this in Titus 2 and so many times we call them the “Titus 2 Women.”

As mothers of New Green Grove Church of Faith, our goals are to lead the younger women/unbelievers, not in the direction that we want them to go, but in the direction that God wants them to go.  We strive to nurture younger Christians, identify their spiritual gifts, share knowledge and wisdom, assist in developing a vision on how God can use them and what it means to take a step of faith.  Our mothers also assist with the preparation of Holy Communion and support other ministries in the church fellowship.