Under the umbrella of the Men of Standard ministry, a mentorship program, From Boys 2 Men, was established in July 2019 to help groom, train and sharpen our younger male congregants in every facet of their lives as they transition from boys to men.

Using the Big Brother, Little Brother concept, From Boys 2 Men is comprised of the men and boys within our congregation who come from many walks of life but have committed themselves to serving in their respective capacities of being godly parishioners while opening their hearts to receive direction from the Holy Spirit. We encourage the Little Brothers to attend Sunday School, Bible Study, commit to all From Boys to Men activities and seminars and also to participate in the devotion segment of services on the first Sundays of each month as the first Sunday is designated as Youth Sunday.

From Boys 2 Men fulfills the said objectives on every fourth Wednesday at 5:45 p.m. or alternate scheduling during its enrichment seminars and activities. Each Big Brother selects a month to host a seminar or activity. From Boys 2 Men also assists the Missionary Society with their two major community service projects for Thanksgiving and Christmas.