The term “deacon” is derived from the Greek word “diakonos”, which is translated as “servant”. The Deacons Ministry at NGGCOF wholeheartedly believes in being just that—a servant. The deacons can be found serving in many capacities in the church including but not limited to janitorial services, transportation, care ministry, parking, grounds and maintenance, sick and shut-in visitation, Bible teachers, finances, audio/visual services and many other roles to help enhance the spiritual growth and physical well-being of the church. The Deacons Ministry meets each Sunday before the start of worship service to discuss and address the needs and other pertinent matters of the church. The deacons willingly serve as a support unit to Bishop Dr. Glass as the overseer and Shepherd of NGGCOF. They also serve as support to all staff, elected church leadership and ministries. The Deacons Ministry encourages attendance and participation in all church services, ministries and meetings. They also assist with administering two holy ordinances—Baptism and Holy Communion. As we are all called to holiness, the Deacons Ministry’s goal is to faithfully fulfill their role as servant leaders and examples for the church to follow which is ultimately their effort to fulfill the great commission in leading lost souls to Christ.