The Deaconess Ministry of New Green Grove Church of Faith was formally organized August 24, 2014 with eighteen members. The Deaconess Ministry is open to the wives of Ministers and Deacons. These ladies assist and support the Deacons and Ministers as needed in carrying out their duties.  They are totally committed and ready to follow instructions and leadership of the Pastor. These ladies are called to willingly work in a capacity of spiritual leadership and service.  Deaconesses have a number of different duties including—

  • Preparation of the Lord’s Supper table, including maintaining the linens, inventory of and arranging for the food supplies and glasses and assuring that all things are in order for the Lord’s Supper. 
  • Deaconesses are on duty during Baptism to prepare the candidates and assist the Pastor and Deacons during the service. 
  • Maintain the baptismal wardrobes of the Pastor and candidates
  • Assist the Deacons in worship during the devotion.
  • Be available during worship to provide assistance as directed by the Pastor.
  • Minister to, counsel and mentor young women and others of the membership as referred. 

Deaconesses are not indifferent to her duties.  She is to be prudent, dignified, of sound judgment and not giddy. The Deaconess Ministry also readily supports other ministries in the church.