The Church Greeters at New Green Grove Church of Faith is a vital part of the worship service because they help prepare people to grow closer to God by letting them know that the church is excited that they are here.  Our greeters play an important role in helping make a great first impression of our church.

The greeters’ presence is the first living impression of the church body.  They realize that it is more than just about them, but the atmosphere and spirit of our church family.  Our greeters’ ministry is ever mindful that their role is strategic, deserving of their best at all times. This demands consistency. The joyfulness is seen on their faces before going to their post so that our members and guests feel comfortable being here.

Greeters give visitors welcome and informational material that the church may want them to know.  Also, the greeters direct guests and new members to where various facilities are located in the church.

The Greeters are doing this on behalf of Jesus Christ. Therefore, they are as Christlike as possible in all they say or do.